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When To change The Motorcycle Tires?


Tires are one of the most important components of any road going vehicle. They are the only part in contact with the road when you are riding. Think of tires as shoes for your motorcycles. Just like your shoes wear out over time with use, so do the tires. Even if you don’t wish to change the make and model, here are some of the reasons why you would want to replace your two-wheeler’s tires.


Tread wear: Look at the tread on your vehicle’s tires. Over time, with use, the tread depth will reduce and that indicates that the tire is wearing off. Different varieties of tires would wear out to different tread depths before they need replacement. Some tires also have an indicator on them and once the tread wear goes beyond that mark, it is time to look for a new set.

Bulges: Sometimes a tire would develop a bulge. This could be because of high temperature, improper tire pressure, bad roads, or poor tire quality. If you see the slightest of bulges on any of your vehicle’s tires, it is time to replace them immediately, even if the tread is in good condition. The bulge carries the risk of cracking or bursting, and that could lead to a very bad mishap.

Cracks: If you do not use your motorcycle often and it has been stationary in extreme weather conditions, it can develop cracks. These cracks can cause the tire to burst. Cracks are irreparable and a replacement will be necessary to fix the issue.

Damaged sidewall: Another irreparable damage. If the sidewall has the slightest of the cuts, it is impossible to repair it, especially on tubeless tires. Either way, it will be safer to change the tire if any side wall damage is observed.

Now that you know when to get the tires of your two-wheeler replaced, let’s look at what kind of tire you should get for your motorcycle. To make things simpler, let’s understand the basic construction of a tire first.