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Laboratory Testing

VASTONE have advanced experiment and test equipments.All of raw materials must
be through strict test progress before production. Stable quality of raw
material is the base of our tyre and tube.


Mixing process is to mix materials such as carbon black,natural/synthetic
rubber,oil,additive and accelerator together and process in the mixer,and then
get mixed rubber.Mixing includes open mixing and internal mixing.Mixing has
decisive influence to further process of mixed rubber and the quality of
finished product VANSTONE use automatic Batching Machine,the automation instead
of manual operation.Increase machine precision,weighing accuracy
reaches+1g.Automatic machine reduce the error rate to make sure quality stable.


VANSTONE has 10 computer controlled fully automatic extrusion lines.


VANSTONE have 32 sets of joint devices with TAIWAN technology.
VANSTONE is hard working. focus,experienced and responsible for each product.
VANSTONE is their family and they are also proud of being a member of VANSTONE.

Sales Elite

VASTONE has always been adhering to the "general guidelines for the management, VASTONE on everyone loves everyone", adhere to the "customer first, quality, win-win cooperation, employee first, care for the environment and society, focus on the industry, everlasting" business philosophy, rational development and utilization of human resources, relying on technological innovation and management innovation, system innovation, cultivate the international first-class team, build a world-class power enterprises, so that enterprises continue to achieve leapfrog development in market competition.